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A Bit About US

The ODD Sock originated from this God sent vision. To share God’s love and the complete Gospel by supporting and providing non-profits worldwide with socks and other aid.

Our Mission is to express love, hope and the life-giving power of God’s grace by providing socks and other humanitarian aid to non-profits worldwide, so that they may bring love and hope to heart’s, warmth and protection to the feet of the poor, orphaned, widowed and homeless.

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Step 1: Collect clean, unpaired, unwanted, gently used from individual donations, sock drives through churches, schools, businesses sock company donations.

Step 2: The socks are inspected, paired and packed by volunteers. ”Wranglers”

Step 3: Deliver socks to nonprofits that have clients that need them. These nonprofits can be local, national and international.



  • The ODD Sock partners with large and small nonprofits worldwide that serve poor, orphaned, widowed, homeless and street people. We supply them with clean, gently used and new socks and other humanitarian aid.
  • Involve adults and students in college, high and middle school, in the collection, sorting, packing and delivery of socks, so that they may learn and experience how to help others in simple but effective ways.
  • Raise money to provide other humanitarian aid and cover expenses.
  • Recruit, encourage and support other sock Wranglers to start a sock ministry in their locations.


  • The ODD Sock wranglers encourage, share and teach all people groups about the love, hope, and life-giving power of God’s Grace through word and deed.
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